[1] Western Islands

Western Islands

Bickerseiland, Prinseneiland and Realeneiland have an eventful history of commerce, shipping and industry that can be traced back to the beginning of the 17th century. Many relics of that history can still be admired today. Thanks to their rather isolated position, these islands have retained a somewhat rustic character, in spite of being located at the very centre of Amsterdam.
About the Giant of Bickerseiland and the winter that the famous Willem Barentsz spent on Nova Zembla.

Famous occupants

Your tour will feature impressive warehouses, picturesque houses, nostalgic bridges and modern architecture. You will also get to admire some public gardens and Amsterdam’s only surviving small shipyard.
Your guide will point out the house where the famous photographer Jacob Olie was born, the former workshop of the artist Georg Breitner and the present studio of the artist Ans Markus.

Pay a visit to the area where Amsterdam’s defensive wall once stood, from where you will have a great view of the Oude Houthaven (Old Timber Harbour) and the ships moored there. Listen to the stories behind various stone tablets, learn all about the Giant of Bickerseiland and the winter that the famous Willem Barentsz spent on Nova Zembla and find out how Galgenstraat got its name.
Here you’ll also be able to see Amsterdam’s only surviving windlass that used to be used for hoisting barrels.
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When and where

Every day of the week except Monday this tour starts at 11 am and 2 pm, for groups of at most ten. Departure point: GVB ticket office opposite Central Station. Please be there 15 minutes before the departure time.

Our standard guided tours can be booked until 3 pm of one working day before the tour. Bookings for Saturdays and Sundays must be made by 3 pm at the latest on the Friday before.

Would you prefer a different language or departure time?

Would you like to do this tour in a different language or at a departure time other than 11 am or 2 pm? If so, please apply for the tour beforehand, specifying your wishes. Guided tours in English and German can be booked directly. Tours in other languages must be applied for separately.
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